Day 28 – Interlaken to Milan

I got up and once again Mode was not, so I packed a bit and eventually shook him awake. He had accidentally left his laundry in the washer the previous night and had not woken up to move it to the dryer, and then when he check it it was all messed up because the washer hadn’t finished draining. Basically his clothes were all messed up, and then when he tried to use the dryer, it broke down. So because of all this we missed a train or two to Milan… it was a bit annoying since I was completely ready to make those trains. At that point I definitely felt that main issue of traveling with another person. You have to accommodate for their habits and also for twice the amount of mistakes a single journeyer would encounter.

Anyhow, as he was working with that I went off to get some breakfast at the supermarket and also picked up a really awesome swiss army knife. I felt that if I was going to get anything in Switzerland, that would be it. I got the Camper model which cost me about 23 euros. It included: Big knife, small knife, can opener, weird thing, toothpick, tweezer, and a SAW. The saw was what made me buy the Camper instead of the model below it.

Anyhow, came back and eventually got on the train. Switched trains in Bern. And finally arrived in Milan. When we arrived there I took a look at the map and decided, in my brilliancy, that it wouldn’t be unreasonable to walk to our hostel instead of paying money for the metro. So we set off, and soon I realized that the scale of the map was a lot lot larger than I had anticipated. So we continued walking. And walking. And walking. As I said, accommodate for two times the amount of mistakes. We must have walked about 2 or 3 miles to the hostel, and after making it we were exhausted. Our clothes were drenched with sweat. Put our bags down and took showers.

Despite being tired, we went out into the world. We got on the bus that the nice receptionist told us to take, and we planned to get off to see the famous Milan Duomo (the cathedral). Unfortunately, we did not see a clear stop to get off for the church, so we kept on waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the bus to get there, and eventually after clearly leaving the main section of town we decided to stay on the bus until it looped back around. And we waited, and waited, and waited and the bus just went into an entirely different section of the city. We had to get off and get back on the next bus, and once again travelled down to the main downtown area and got off at a reasonable place. Once again, mistakes.

By this time the church was closed, but we took some pictures and planned to go back the next day. We walked around and got some gelato, and then somehow found ourselves at a festival… a strange festival, something was a bit odd… oh, it was a gay festival. Anyhow, not really our scene so we turned around and found the bus again, and went back to the hostel.

There was an accident in front of the bus on the way back so we got off and walked a few blocks to the hotel. After getting back I hung around waiting for Mode to finish writing to his parents. They wanted a lot of information and he needed a lot of time to give it to them. In the meantime I looked through magazines and sort of watched this movie the kid of the owner’s was watching.

Finally Mode was ready to go get dinner, and we walked a while looking for this place just to find out it was a bit more pricey than we wanted, and found a nice pizza place instead named “I <3 Pizza". This was the first time having REAL traditional italian pizza. It was very flat and had a much lighter feel than American pizza. Much more raw and true ingredients. And then came back to sleep.

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