Day 32 – Rome

I guess I should mention for the record that we had a LOT of ice cream in Italy. It’s all over the place, and it’s so good everywhere you go, so it is a necessary evil that you subscribe to the whole time you are there. Some people might think pasta and pizza when they think of Italy, but they really should be thinking ice cream.

We got up and took the metro to the Colosseum. The huge arena where gladiators fought things and people got killed by animals. Arena means sand, and there was sand on the floor! That’s a bit of trivia for you guys. Anyhow, we found an excellent deal, which is all around Rome, which is 1 euro for 20 postcards. A fine tourist trinket I can agree with on price and value. We then stood in the Colosseum line to get tickets, which was a long line. There were many lines in Rome actually, and this was the first of those many. We walked around the Colosseum, explored its ins and outs, read the few plaques around with information, and took pictures.

Then we went over to the nearby ruins. Viewed the ruins, walked around, took pictures, tourist stuff. There were some really nice redone marble columns. And real olive trees! We found a headless statue, and I climbed up the back and we took a picture with my head replacing the statue’s head. It was grand. We went to a small museum where there was large artifacts. A short funny incident was when we walked into this one room and this Korean woman saw us and immediately grasped her bags which were sitting next to her. I guess we’re intimidating. Anyhow, we also walked by the large area where Ben Hur was supposed to have taken place.

Then we got some food, sat down and ate it. We then rode the metro to the one of the few fountains in Rome, and it was very crowded with tourists. We found a place to sit down and chilled there for a long time. Took a funny picture. Then got up again and walked down a very large street, stopping in a music store, and then got to a large square. We sat down in front of a statue of these three people (can’t exactly remember the story of that statue, but it’s a famous one), and some guy approached us saying he was taking photos of himself recreating the scene in statues around Europe and asked if we could pose for this one. So we did, and it was quite funny.

After that we headed back to the hostel, and decided we would try again to go to Cicio e Pepe’s. Fortunately we got there early enough to grab a table. I had some really great Risotto and Mode had the Spaghetti Carbonara. The second part of the meal, which I think I had a salad for, was really not that great and I wish I had ordered something more substantial, but money is money. We walked back to the hostel with full stomachs. When we got back, a few people decided to watch a movie so we all watched The Prestige, which was an interesting movie with a big twist at the end. It’s a bit interesting to think about how the movie would have been different if they revealed the twist at the beginning. One way or other we went to sleep soon after that.

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