Day 35 – Naples

This day we decided to go find somewhere other than Naples to go to because a few people told us Naples was not worth exploring, and also I had a real desire to go to a beach. So we decided to get to Salerno. Had a bit of trouble finding out which train to get on at the station, which caused me to get in a bit of a bad mood, but we eventually found it.

The coast wasn’t too hard to find, and we had to decide between going to the beach on our left and going to the beach on our right. We decided left at random, and headed down there. We stopped to get some food, and got a pretty bad sandwich… or was it a bad pizza square. Either way, we continued down and eventually made it to this small-ish beach with some kind of volleyball tournament happening. We picked up some cold slushies and watched the games a bit. Then walked along the beach and experimented with the suction power of the sand on our feet. As we were leaving Mode ran into some guy he had met the previous night and they had a moment. Got some gelato… Then we walked up and down the main dock area and relaxed there for a bit too.

Back on the train, everyone was putting their hands and heads out the windows, which no one had done anywhere else we had been so I was excited and also stuck my head out the window. It was really refreshing and I pretty much did it the whole way back. Also there was a billowing curtain next to me and when I sat back in my chair it flew on top of my head and just kind of waved on top of my face, which Mode and I found to be absolutely hilarious for some reason.

When we got back we walked around Naples a bit. We headed down some really small streets and experienced that absolutely crazy personality of Naples that was so interesting. Scooters plowed through people, and you couldn’t quite tell if people were having arguments or talking normally. One of the small things that happened was there was a kid with a watergun and he was shooting at things, and he pretended to shoot at me but his mom wouldn’t let him, but I was waited for Mode to check something out and told him to shoot at my feet. He seemed pretty surprised about it, but did anyway. Anyhow. We checked out two food places and went to the second, who’s name I forget but it supposedly had been around for 30 generation. The food was amazing. Truly good and not that expensive either.

We headed back to the hostel and found a group of people there to hang out with in a circle talking about various things. Soon enough we went to sleep.

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