Day 36 – Naples to Cinque Terre

I’ve been stuck at this day for a while. Simply because I don’t feel like updating it, but I know I should since at the moment I am behind about… 32 days. Most of which are outlined, so the events shouldn’t be that hard to recall. It’s just putting them in story format which should be that bit of work. And I wonder what I’m on vacation for if I’m just working again.

We left the hostel and got on the metro to the train. We couldn’t use the ticket machine for some reason so the nice guy just let us go through without it. Got to the train station, and got the train from Naples to Rome. Went to switch trains, but as we got to the platform a guy wearing a blue shirt and a cap came up to us and asked to look at our tickets. He looked very much like a conductor or official train person on first sight, and after glancing at our tickets he said “Oh your train is about to leave!” or something like that. He told us to follow him and started running off. At first I thought it was a bit strange because everyone else was just kind of walking to the train, but it all happened so fast and we were like “What the hell?” and just went off after him, half jogging to keep up. After a little while I started to get the idea it was a scam, but still went along with it. The guy got us to our exact room, and the people in there kind of looked at us oddly, and could tell what was going on. We put our stuff down and kind of sat down, and the guy held out his hand. We didn’t really do anything, and he said “Tip?” and so I grabbed into my back pocket and pulled out all of the small change I had, which was maybe around 1.40 something euros. Handed that over and told him that was all we had. “No no no, five euros.” We reiterated that was all we had, sorry. He looked a bit pissed off and left.

And that was just our morning!

The train ride was fairly uneventful, but nice scenery. Just almost dropped and messed up the laptop, which would have been a bit tragic. Anyhow, on the train we had a few discussions about Blues Brothers. This will be important later on.

We got to La Spezia, and had a little difficulty finding the bus stop to Biassa, where our hostel was, but we found it. The bus though was a bit late, so we started talking to this other girl who coincidentally was waiting for the same bus to go to the same hostel. Her name was Amar and she was from Jordan. We got on the bus and easily got to the hostel, which seemed to be very pleasant and in the middle of a small town which was equally as pleasant. Took showers and decided to go out for food, and we brought along two other girls we had met, Natalie and Angela from Ohio. We went to a local pizza joint, but it was absolutely busy and we had to wait forever to get pizzas. We met two other guys who were fun to talk to but they never really entered in the story again. After eating some pizza we went to a nearby bar where we got something to drink, and went over to the town’s plaza area to attend a concert/festival they were setting up. It was really cool because this small little town had put together a few vendors with crafts made, and some musicians of the town got together and started to play rockabilly music. All the youngsters of the town (and probably some from the nearby areas) were dancing in the middle of the square and having a great time. These kids were probably from around 2 to 9 years old. Mode, Amar and I stood and listened to the first band which was really great. And they played Blues Brothers music! The second band had something wrong with the microphone and it wasn’t as great, so we left. But it was a really great time.

At the hostel we hung out some more, and we learned that they had Blues Brothers on tape! We got all excited but found out the VHS was broken, so instead watched the rest of the Borne Identity which some other people had put on. After that we went outside to play Ping Pong, which I relearned my fine tuned skills fairly fast and could beat Amar easily. She had even played semi-professionally as a kid! Mode seemed to be more evenly matched with her, and the night followed being very chill. Then we all retired to bed.

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