Day 38 – Cinque Terre to Ferry

We got up a bit later than I wanted to, so we missed the shuttle to La Spezia. After calculating it out, I figured that we would also miss the train if we waited for the next bus, so instead we called a taxi. The taxi driver was really extreme in his driving, which was exciting and thrilling. We got there pretty spedily. We also paid a lot more than what the guy at the hostel said, but it was alright. We got on the train to Civitavechia, and that took a long while. There weren’t any available seats at first glance so we sat in the aisle. There were some German girls playing with some Italian kids in the compartment next to us. That was cute. Also the mother did this really cool trick with a dry pen where she huffed on the ball point and rolled it around in her hands and it magically worked. I’ve tried this trick on dry pens ever since and it has worked really well. Not sure why… magic probably.

The train stopped for a while, something like an hour. Supposedly there was an incident, but I couldn’t really understand fully what was going on. After we started moving we sat for a while and then the ticket guy told us there were free compartments further down the train, so we grabbed that and played music. Eventually we got to Civitavechia. It was a little bit difficult to find the ferry but we eventually did after asking at deserted station. Got on a bus and got to the station. After a small bite to eat we waited for what seemed like forever to board the ferry. There was a few interesting people to watch while waiting though, and I ate a bag of candy which was really hard to stop.

It was pretty chill at first, and there were lots of levels. Up at the top there was a nice wind, and we got some drinks to sip up on the top while watching the sun go down. We stood/sat on some metal compartments and chilled. We got a small bite to eat… I think… oh, some really terrible microwaved pizza square. After a bit we headed back down into the sleeping area, stretched out on a few seats and went to sleep.

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