Day 42 – Barcelona

Started the day chilling at the Sant Jordi Hostel. We went up onto the roof and talked about dreams we had and what not. I apparently had a dream about some weird bird in fruit juice. And Mode had a dream about the devil and his rivalry with him.

We went out to buy some food and made some amazing spaghetti with wine and I think we had a meat sauce. Sat around some more enjoying our meal, and could not finish it by any means. Then we headed out to see the Magic Fountain, which I had heard about from the guys in Dublin. Got there by subway and got a good seat. Met a girl from North Carolina and talked about music and what not. Her favorite band was Fleetwood Mac I think. Anyhow, the fountain show was really cool with all sorts of lights and music and special water effects. It started to get really crowded too and people were piling all over the steps.

We then headed to the Plaza we liked so much, Reale? Something like that. We found another Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra poster in much better condition which I put into my bag. Then got some drinks at Glacier, which were pretty good. Then met up with Micela, and mode split off for his own adventure.

Went back to her hostel briefly and met her friends. We all hung out and I think we played some cards. Then started walking out to the beach. One of Micela’s friends then called and said she got her stuff stolen, and so we sidetracked to the police station. Since I was over 18 I could act as someone to confirm their story, so I did. Then we went back to her place to sort out the deal. Finally Micela and I headed out to the beach for her friends to meet up with us later. The next day got a bit interesting…

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