Day 43 – Barcelona to Madrid

So there we were, chilling on the Barcelonita beach. Me and Micela, my Italian 3 day girlfriend, and spending our last night together watching the stars. It was very nice, and I was not paying attention to where I had put my bag, which was something like a foot behind my head.

This was around 5:30.

Suddenly someone from another group on the beach walked over to us, and in poor English asked me if I knew the person who had just came by and taken my bag. I had no idea what he was talking about, but sure enough to my horror I looked around and my bag was gone. I asked the guy how long ago it happened and which direction the person went in. It all happened about 2 minutes before then and as soon as the guy pointed off into a certain direction I started running (without shoes) and asking people if they saw a person with a green bag. I ran and ran and ran, getting into a bit of hysteria, but could not find anyone. There was a handful of people who all looked suspicious, and I kept on running trying to find out where he could have gone. I found a security guard and told him the situation, but he wasn’t able to help me. I went to a pay-phone and called the police’s number, and tried to explain everything that had happened. There wasn’t much they could do. I came back to Micela who by that time her friends had come by. They also helped search the beach with me, but to no avail. So in all futile exhaustion I walked back to the police station I had ironically been to earlier that night. Micela came with me and little was said, but I was really appreciative of all the support she was giving me. I kept on telling her that she didn’t have to go with me but she insisted on going. On the walk to the police station there was an absolutely gorgeous sunset, just kind of plainly showing that despite tragedy life will move on. I was pretty calm and over it by the time we reached the police station. I filled out all the necessary forms, and tried to be as precise as possible. Left there feeling exhausted.

This was around 8:30.

The main contents of the bag were the following: My US Passport, My $500 camera, my 3 year old iPod, my Swiss Army knife I had bought in Switzerland, the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra patch I really liked, the cool poster from the bar last evening, the trip notebook and some information, various receipts, the hostel key, and to become the next part of the story: The train ticket for Madrid that day.

Micela and I headed to the subway station. We said our goodbyes, and said to keep in contact. Goodbyes never seem good enough.

Anyhow, headed back to the hostel. Made some emails. Then woke Mode up and gave him the bad news. This was a pretty tragic tale, but we did what we had to.

We then went to train station and tried forever to figure out how in the world I was going to get on the train. I was sent from department to department, and no one could help me. Finally I just got so pissed off that I got onto the train and just showed the conductor my police report when it was asked of me. He said that was fine.

Finally we got to Madrid and went to the hostel to check in. It was a bit of a walk but nothing too strenuous. After checking in I went immediately to the embassy to find they were closed, and I would have to come back the next day to start the application for my new passport. So we walked down this large street and there wasn’t very many people in Madrid. We saw this creepy Brady type family. We went back to the station to figure out the Eurail stuff. That was also closed. Walked back to the hostel but picked up some amazing Doner Kebab on the way.

Then we headed out to this monument in a park. There was a pretty awesome drum circle happening and this extremely gorgeous girl we tried to keep an eye on. After a while we got bored and headed out to try to see some Flamenco.

Found a restaurant and just barely squeezed in before the show started. It was quite amaizing, and a really nice cultural entertainment. We had some really amaizing sangria too. (Amaizing in reference to Isaac in Florence). I actually almost fell asleep during the show, considering I had had almost no sleep. Anyhow, the show was amazing.

We walked back to the hostel after a long day, and finally got some sleep.

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