Day 44 – Madrid

In the morning I went to U.S. embassy. I got a number and stood in the waiting room with the hundreds of other people waiting for whatever. It seemed most of them were immigrants, waiting to be approved to move to the U.S. Then again, they could have just been travelers. I’m not sure. Several hours later I got out of the embassy. They told me they would either have a permanent passport in 4 days when we left or they would provide me with a temporary one.

After that I headed over to the station to try and get my Eurail pass replacement. They told me that I needed to go to the other train station to get the replacement. Afterwards I went back to the hostel, met up with Mode and we walked around the city.

We tried to go to the market – El Rastro – but it was closed. We went to the supermarket and I picked up some chocolate eggs that had toys in them. I think I got a helicopter, and mode got some sort of chicken. And there was some sort of weird robot as far as I remember. Those were great to play with for a while, and then we decided to head over to the Palace Royal.

While walking down the street we saw some people on the side waiting for some sort of show, so we stopped and watched a royal procession go by. One of the horses decided to crap right in front of us, but amusingly the car with what looked very much like the King rode by right afterwards waving to us. I’ve seen the King of Spain!

We then continued walking to this ancient temple place. It wasn’t all that impressive, and I think it was closed because it was a Sunday or something. We sat down on a bench just relaxing while watching some dogs fighting/sexing it up.

Walked back to the hostel briefly and headed back out to get some tapas. Tapas, which I’ve never had before, is really really strange. In theory, this is the kind of food I would love because it’s small snacks that make up an entire meal. Kind of like a European sushi. But like sushi, and unlike what I would consider good, it was cold. I’d think that miniature sandwiches would at least be grilled and warm when served, but apparently not. There was a little confusion with the order as well, but whatever.

We headed back and then played a couple rounds of chess before heading to sleep. The hostel had some amazing sangria, but I don’t remember if we ordered any that day.

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