Day 45 – Madrid

Started out the day chilling at the hostel and then got some Doner Kebab for lunch. We realized there wasn’t very much to do in Madrid, and I think there was a vast expanse of not doing anything for a while.

After that we went out to find a cheap place to eat, though didn’t find one. Then we went to meet Dana in the main square, right next to the bear statue. Dana is the girl that I had met in Belfast, and we had spoken over email and found that we were both in Madrid at the same time.

So we met with her and then continued to go find a place to eat. Found some hole in the wall type place and they had AMAZING gazpacho, and just ok steak. We went back to the square to meet more of Dana’s friends. While we were hanging out there some kind of religious guy came over to us and started asking us about heaven and hell. For our own amusement we got into this large conversation with him. He kept on insisting we were all going to hell, and I kept on replying that I thought hell was a bit illogical. Accompanying him was some woman and also this cute young girl about our age. Her and I talked about it on a more on-the-level way, and had a very long conversation about it which was interesting. Anyhow, Dana’s friends had shown up and we needed to leave.

We first went out to a bar they knew of. It was an irish bar of some sort and we bought two sets of buckets of beer. Drank a lot and a lot more. Then we left and went to another place with live music.

It says in my notes that we went back to the hostel, but I don’t remember that. We did go out to another bar and danced a bit.

Then we were exhausted and went back. Dana had to go back to her hostel on the other side of the city and it was kind of meh neighborhood so I walked her back.

Eventually got back to the hostel and slept.

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