Day 46 – Madrid

I’ll have forgotten a lot of parts of this story.

I woke up and had a long art conversation with Tania, the Australian girl, in the lobby of the hostel. After this in my outline was written “ripped up piece of paper” but I cannot remember exactly what that was in reference to. Though a glimmer is coming back to me, and I think it was that I was ripping up some piece of paper into interesting ways, as well as making paper airplanes.

I’m not sure if Mode was already up, or what we were waiting for, but him and I eventually headed out to the Prado Museum. It was quite a walk, and as I remember it, not so inspiring. There was a few famous paintings that I completely forgot about. I think one of them was with these painted cabinet type things…

After that we went on a walk through the nearby park. It was this big lake with a long path all the way around. There was this area with a whole bunch of drumming people and musicians. There were a couple hot Spanish girls there too. We chilled for a while there listening to the drums, and then headed back.

Took a nap.

Then got up to get Paellas with Tania. There was a really really long wait for our food. We then played various card games with the Australians at the hostel, like Asshole, Blackjack, Hearts, and others. Then we got tired and went to bed.

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