Day 47 – Madrid to Lisbon

Mode and I got up for breakfast. I went over to the Embassy again because my passport was supposedly ready. Once again I had to stand in the lines. It felt like forever, but I finally got to the window. They told me that they were not able to get a full replacement passport in time, so they got me an emergency 60 day replacement passport that I would be able to use for the remainder of my trip. Whatever.

On my way back I stopped at a Starbucks and ordered an Americano. You know. For irony sake. Still paid a million dollars for it.

Came back to the hostel, and Mode and I went out to get Doner Kebab, our favorite low price food. Then we walked around the city a bunch. Stopped at the supermarket, I think we picked up some oranges, and also stopped at a trinket shop, where I think we picked up a flamenco dancer souvenir. Then we left for the station.

At the station I embarked on the crazy experience of getting my Eurail pass back. So I went from place to place figuring out who to talk to in order to get a new Eurail pass. Took forever. Someone wrote down on a card for me “Mi europass ha sido robado necesito saber qué hago.” and I was showing it to all these people. Of course I tried to converse in Spanish as much as I could, which was difficult since it all came out in Italian. I had to deal with the police two times before figuring out the correct procedure. FINALLY got a new ticket from this old man at the ticket counter and figured out that I needed to apply for a refund by contacting the Eurorail people.

Caught the train. There were two things that absolutely cracked me and Mode up. One was that this curtain on the train. So I was sitting in the window seat, and some guy opened his window in the section behind me. The wind blew his curtain up over the chair separating us, and onto my head. It just kind of plopped down on my head like a jellyfish. And somehow this was the funniest thing in the world to me and Mode.

The second hilarious things to us was when the guy checking passports came by. He didn’t know English, so we talked afterwards about how we could have said “You don’t know where that passport has been” and he would have responded “Que?” This too was somehow absolutely hilarious.

Sleeping on the train was a nightmare. My arm started to hurt in the middle of the night, as if I had pinched a nerve. It hurt so much that I actually went through my suitcase eventually looking for advil to take. It finally went away but it was not a pleasant experience at all. Portugal arrived in the wee hours of the morning.

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