Day 48 – Lisbon

The train rolled into Portugal in the morning as the sun was rising up. I had been told that Portugal had a specific style of architecture to it, and I was wondering if all the small cute houses I saw going through the country were what I had been told about. I remember there being a lot of white and blue and simple shaped designs. Azulejo? Might have been it (checking Wikipedia)

We got to the station in Lisbon and then walked to the hostel. Walked back to the station and walked back to the hostel. I think we did this because we wanted to reserve our tickets to Berlin. Yes, we traveled from Lisbon to Berlin. But that journey will come later.

We waited for our room because it was before check in time. The place was really nice, and I think of all the hostels we stayed at, Lisbon had the nicest. The people there gave us a really great list of things to do, and tailored it to the amount of time we were spending and what we were interested in. A+

We took a well needed shower and got some cheap food up the road. It was some kind of special Portuguese delicacy… but I can’t remember what it was at all.

We then went out to the castle that was up this hill. Took a bit of a walk, and I think we got lost on the way there. But eventually made it. Walked around the castle.

Then went to Rossio Plaza where I think they were setting up some kind of event. Walked up Libertad Street. That was really long. While walking there were all sorts of politician campaign busses passing by and yelling at us to vote for their guy. We walked all the way back down the street again, and tried to get a bus to Belem. We actually first got onto the wrong bus (28) and rode it to the end of the line. We had no idea where we were, so we took the 25 all the way back. Then we got on the 15, which was the correct bus to get to Belem.

In Belem, we went to this specific place called “Pasteis de Belem” to get pastereis. We were told this was a very cultural pastry, and Belem was where it originated. It was sweet and delicious, and kind of like what would happen if you took creme brulee, put it on a miniature pie crust that was as flakey as a croissant.

We saw a ship/columbus like monument of some sort, and also went to a castle like monument. I wasn’t quite sure what the history was of those items, but they looked pretty cool. Plus I distinctly remember there being a miniature model of the castle available to blind people, and thinking “hey, that’s pretty nice of them.”

Also there was this bridge that looked almost exactly like the Golden Gate bridge. Copycats.

Took the tram back, and got to our hostel just in time for happy hour at the bar. Mode wasn’t feeling so well, so he went to sleep. I stayed up talking to Italians and Australians. Then we watched Oceans 12. Then I went to bed.

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