Day 49 – Lisbon

We woke up and sure enough Mode was sicker than a dog. Which is an expression that doesn’t really make sense, does it?

Well I decided it was a day for myself, so I went out. Exploring on your own is very different, and it has a lot of benefits but also a lot of disadvantages. Someone once said “happiness isn’t real unless shared” but I think it depends on what kind of person you are, and what mood you’re in.

I went to the Festa do Ladro, which was basically a flea market with all sorts of really neat stuff. I saw old electronics, and trinkets, and useless junk, watches, and such. There was this white shirt which was absolutely perfect for hot weather, but I only had one euro in my pocket and the guy was charging two.
I bought a new day bag to replace my old one, and a deck of cards which were worn and awesome looking. I also secretly bought a Rome colosseum small statuette because I hadn’t picked up anything like that while in Rome. It was a pretty successful shopping trip.

I briefly came back to the hostel to check on Mode. He was still sick and complaining about the street artists outside. There were these two kids who each had an accordion and a dog, but both of them were playing different songs. Also, between the two of them, they only knew two songs. Each only knowing one song. They were space about a couple blocks each way on the street. So Mode, who is a music fanatic, was going mad. Of course he was too sick to leave with me to my next adventure.

So I left him to his musical prison and went out to Sintra. Sintra contained a property turned into a park which had been explained to me in a way such that I absolutely had to go. I got on the train, and headed out there while admiring the country side. It was a small walk, maybe 1.5 miles and through the small town. When I got there, I paid the entry fee, and… well… how to explain this.

This was one of the most amazing places I have ever been.

So here’s the story. There was once this crazy millionaire, who bought a huge plot of land and renovated it to be a huge park for himself. I mean park in that it was a winding web of paths going around this hill next to his huge mansion. It involved underground secret cave tunnels, spiral staircases out of those tunnels, jumping rocks through water, waterfalls, large courtyards with places for performances, both obscure and apparent pathways leading from one adventure to the next. I felt like this was exactly what I would build if I was a crazed millionaire. It was like a childhood dream. An adventure game. Best. Time. Ever. I had so much fun, but I half wished someone was there to enjoy it with me. I also kind of enjoyed exploring it myself.

I explored until I was satiated, and then went to town and had some really good food at Pitiqueira or something like that. Took the train back to Lisbon. Mode was feeling a bit better so we went out for food again, but I can’t remember where. We chilled at the hostel with these two girls from Ljubljana (I think). One was incredibly hot too… We drank a bottle of green wine. I don’t know what is put into green wine, and I can’t remember if it was good or not.

Updated the journal a bit. I wrote in the outline here “beach?” but I don’t know what that meant. Maybe we went to the beach? But I don’t remember that at all. But I do know that we went to sleep.

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