Day 50 – Lisbon to Paris

Alright, a slow day with planning my Asia trip for 2009, so I think I’ll work on previous travels instead of upcoming ones.

The next two days of this journal involve Mode and I traveling from one side of mainland Europe to almost the other, and if you count 5 days, we crossed the entire width of Europe (Lisbon to Helsinki).

Mode and I got up in the morning and packed up a little bit. We went out to the supermarket for some food. We got some cherry liquor – a specialty of Lisbon -, two packs of crackers, two apples, and three oranges. This is actually important to note, I will explain in the following post.

We got some pastries at Casa Brasiliera, which if I remember correctly was just down the street a little bit. Then came back to the hostel and hung out with Slovenian girls (that one girl… so cute). Then said our goodbyes, got some contact information from them, picked up our bags and headed out to the station.

We got on the train and headed off through Portugal and Spain.

I made a note here: “cocaine woman”. I’m not sure what that is in reference to. I’m pretty sure it was some woman who came into our compartment for a while, but I can’t remember why we associated her with cocaine.

Ben – Yo, I’m (once again) working on the Eurotrip log. I wrote down something about our trip on the train between Lisbon and Paris: “cocaine woman”. Do you remember what that was in reference to?
Mode – yeah! we were going through spain, and this crazy old spanish hag started talking to us about drugs like marijuana and cocaine. she’d done a lot of experimenting, but she said if you do too much it’ll make you crazy. she may have lit a joint in our compartment, but i’m not sure lol.
Ben – HAH. you’re so right! I completely forgot about that!

We thought we were set because we had the whole compartment to ourselves for a long time. But of course some people came into the compartment. In fact, they filled up the 4 empty space of the 6 person compartment, so there wasn’t really any room.

Eventually in the middle of the night the compartment emptied out, and we slept well.

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