Day 54 – Berlin to Rostock to Sea

—— Converted from outline form: 2014-4-14 ——

We got up, showered, and had breakfast at the hostel. Packed our things up for a quick escape later, and then headed out to the city again to check out another neighborhood. I believe that we had earlier bought one of those public transportation ticket deals that I misplaced and couldn’t find, so had to re-buy things.

The other parts of Berlin that we explored this day were a lot cooler and more interesting than the Berlin we had seen over the past days but since we were leaving we didn’t have as much time to check it out. Went to the station and back to the hostel, picked up our things, paid our dues, and left.

The train station in Germany was pretty cool, and seemed very high tech. We got on our train to Rostock and went on our merry way. Once we got there we switched to a smaller train to the harbor, and took that to the said stop. But when we got off there was no one there. It was odd… Sort of a weird ghost town feeling. We walked in a direction, not really knowing exactly where to go. By pure luck we happened to see the ferry building and headed there. Got our tickets and went to the nearby supermarket. There we met a strange guy that might have been drunk, and buying some more drink. I think “We Are The Champions” was playing over the supermarket radio, so Mode and I made up a song about the guy, and it goes, asomething, alike this:

Heeee is the champion… of the daaaayyyy
And heeeee’ll keep on drinkiiing, till the ennnnnnnd-of-the-day
Heee is the champion
Nooo time for (forgot)
Cause he is the champion… of the daaaaayyyy

Anyhow. We picked up some odd liquors and candy with liquor in them (which ended up being a disaster and made a mess in my bag. Went back to the ferry terminal and started an epic, epic game of War. After finally someone one, Mode started playing Sam & Max on my laptop. We got on the ferry. And then played more Sam and Max, drank a bottle of wine, and went to bed.

[lost memory] Met and hung out with a Russian Asian girl who I don’t remember at all.

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