Day 56 – Helsinki

—— Converted from outline form: 2014-4-29 ——

We arrived in Helsinki’s port and travelled with the people we met for a little while. This new guy was suddenly traveling with us, Tobias. He, Sven, Mode and I bought tickets for transportation, and got on the bus to go to the central station. Tobias took a lot of pictures.

Went to the Olympic Stadium
Put stuff down in luggage storage
waited for mode
said bye to franswah
went to esplanade
went to get food at the market
great breakfast
walked around market
went to the upinsky church
star wars conversation
started going to the other church
sven was late for his meeting
went to senate square
said bye to sven
visited the other church
visited other sites around helsinki
split up so we could find money for mode
took a while to find that money but it was closed
met up with tobias again
decided to meet for dinner
tried to find a restroom in kamppi
weird bathroom incident, 1 euro to use so didn’t
held our pee and walked back to the olympic stadium via the gardens that surround the railroad track
finally got back
meddled on the internet for a while and took showers
time for food so went out to meet tobias
arrived at the meeting point at the same exact time
went to zotar
really strange
really expensive
2 euro coat check
8 euro cliche soup (reindeer and cheese)
saved a menu
went to find a record shop
back to the hostel
hung out for a while


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