Day 69 – Prague

got up just in time for the walking tour
saw most of prague
not as good as the other walking tours
church with hand hanging from chain
jewish quarter/synagogue
tour guide kind of didn’t know some stuff about judaism (high, stones on grave)
end of tour
got cash
got some food at the tour guide’s recommended place
went walking looking for a cheap place for drinks
went from pub to pub
came back to pay and took a shower
but couldn’t pay because the receptionist didn’t have enough change
went out again and walked around square
watched the clock strike 7
went to aida for a drink, not so exciting
came back
met people, two siblings from philly and a guy from nyc
went out to a 24 hour food place
bought absinth
tried to recreate it with sugar and water and spoon, but meh
like ouzo
drank rest of other drink
stayed up all night talking and chilling
finally went to sleep
mode started snoring and the australian girl next to me said noooooooooooo

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