Day 73 – Vienna to Budapest

Got up
got mode up
lost keys briefly
went to supermarket to get some stuff
went back, got our luggage
got on train
train full of people for festival
luckily got open seats before they got on
got to budapest
was a little confused and english guy helped find directions
took bus
olga’s hostel, the budapest bubble
chilled and took a shower, which was difficult since there was no warm water at first
took a real shower, but still couldn’t really control the temperature
hung out with people downstairs
matt, the australian
??? the guy from liverpool
mode and i went out to find things to do
made a stop at doner kebab
made a stop at a bar for a drink
went down to the danube because i had a strong desire to see it
saw it, walked along
met two folks from scandanavia
talked to them for a while
walked to the buda beach bar
pretty empty
danced tango like
got kicked out but talked to some people on the way out
walked back to the hostel
went to bed

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