Day 75 – Budapest

Sziget Festival
got up early and told mode i was going out and would be back at 2
went out
tried to get tickets at the station
looked around
got the travel tickets and stood in line for a refund
had to go to the festival itself to buy tickets
long trip
help getting there
got there and travelled the wrong way
blue things
got tickets
came back to town and got off near cathedral area
went to the castle
looked around, pretty touristy, looked better from afar
went down a really comfortable back and forth path up to the castle
hat boat
went to the market
walked around
bought a great nectarine
bought a cheap half liter of beer
bought a paprika pouch with a spoon
left and took the metro to the long street
walked a little bit down it
took metro back to the hostel and arrived right on time
chilled there for a while while everyone got ready
headed out really drunk
got some doner i think
got to the festival
lost mode immediately
went to the main stage
found matt
danced to people there
rained and danced in the rain
chemical brothers eventually came
falling down
girls made out with the two other boys, whatever
set was over and people were leaving
we went to the bathroom
tried to find mode
no luck, and most people wanted to leave
walked them to the gate
then me and liverpool guy went back
found a few stages to dance at
bought a shirt
lost liverpool guy as he was dancing on a table shirtless
walked around
walked around
hungarian girl trying to find her friends
found self back at the main stage
walked around it
got a samosa
found some italian people from milano
and a really cute girl from croatia
went to the gypsy music bar/dance floor
went pretty crazy
then felt extremely exhausted and wanted to go home
i had enough
went to the bridge at around 3
waited for mode
fell asleep a little bit
people asking if i was alright
people fucking with my hat
finally decided to go back to the hostel at 4:30
told guard to tell mode i was back at the hostel
came back
lo and behold
mode was on the couch reading harry potter and had no idea how he had gotten back (didn’t have a key, or much money)
continued next day

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