Day 81 – Venice

got up and showered
went to the market and got some breakfast
sat around the tent and chatted
mode and i went into venice early (around 12)
went to the train station to get tickets
walked around the northern area (more touristy)
bought mask
got some really good ice cream
chilled in a park
went to the doge’s palace
cool weapons
gun swords!
walked back, bought leather book, perfect
while waiting at the station briefly talked to some other guys waiting for the bus, and probably found the first canadian i wasn’t so keen on
met people at the bus station
tried to find gondola ride
waited in one place, but no one came
went across bridge to find guy, bargained
gondola ride
really relaxing
pointed out palaces
told a little about gondola stuff, his family, his travels
really short, maybe 30 minutes
tried to meet with other girls in square
fed pigeons two packets of seed, not as exciting because it was later in the day
jumped and they all spread a bit
went to find dinner – gnochi
guy was hitting on the girls
got a free shot of sweet amaretto because it was our last night
sang to frank sinatra with mode
met with jake from santa cruz
headed back to the bus stop
walked around and got a little lost
came back to the campsite
people smoked at the tents
relaxed with franziskaner
once again got really sleepy
went to bed
woke up a couple times
lots of noise then the ausies came back to the tents

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