Day 84 – Munich to Ancona

went back to the hostel
sat at the fire and guy kicked us out
sat on a nearby bench
starred off into the stars
talked and reflected
mode talked a lot more than i did
walked along
got stuff together
headed off to the station
met some german people on the way back from the hospital
mode socialized
sat in the waiting area and got kicked out
sat at burger king, got some fries
weird police incident
felt really really shitty
got postcards
went to platform
after a bit, mode left, said bye
harassed by munich police
searched everything
almost missed train
train to verona was fine
then realized that the train from verona to bologna was missing… it was late or cancelled or something, so got the next one
train to bologna, little ancy…
only chance was if i got the train from bologna to ancona that arrived at 18:40 to catch the ferry at 19:00
but that train was booked, so had to take the local train which left in 4 minutes
caught it
train to ancona
italians around me being very sociable and fun spirited
really beautiful down the coast
lots of beaches
of course, missed ferry
arrived at 19:45 about
went to information and asked them about a hostel
went to hostel
really really sketchy
open front door and no lock on the room door, nothing to prevent stuff being stolen
walked to ticket office, closed but wrote down times they opened
walked back
weird german guy
weird argentina guy
went out for food
weird indian guy
chicken tikka and beer
into the city
no discotecks
met with guy from greece and his friend at plaza republica
walked around
asked people at the fountain, said no
i left
went back to the hostel
went to sleep

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