Day 87 – Athens

woke up
breakfast with cherry b and zack
dealt with the key situation
bought stuff for shower and two franziskaner
did laundry
took a shower
sat around for a bit while waiting for the dryer
went out
bought a camera and postcards
went up to the acropolis
lots of ruins, kind of like rome but more restored in places
more impressive was the other place
walked along the flea market
got some souvlaki and a frappe
walked the market some more looking for a white shirt
after looking at some prices around 20, found one that was alright (lesser quality though) for 15
bought that
came back to the hostel
met new people at the hostel
talked with adam about technology for a while
went out to have dinner with them at god’s restaurant
came back and showered and drank
not sure if anything after that happened
girl came in at 2 in the morning
mandy left in the morning

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