Day 02 – Philadelphia to Virginia Beach

We woke up at Jacob’s place, and his dog decided to excitedly join Mike in bed. That was fairly amusing. We then said goodbye and made our way to Pat’s, the one of two famous cheesesteak places in Philadelphia. It actually did not taste good at all! All the rumors were just lies. I’ve had much better cheese steak. And what is this cheese whiz stuff? Totally gross.

We then made our way to the large market place and stopped at a place called “Basic 4” which had a vegan cheesesteak for Mike and AJ. I meanwhile got a Banana Honey milkshake, which was actually amazing.

We then continued to drive down 13, through Delaware and that gigantic peninsula. Is that a peninsula? Anyway, that had us avoiding the traffic of Washington DC and Baltimore. There is this gigantic bridge that connects Delaware to Virginia, and it costs about $12 to cross. It was a very strange bridge because you would look out beyond it and just see sea for miles and miles and only this bridge stretching into the far beyond. The Chesapeake Bridge?

We made it to Virginia Beach and decided to check into the hotel later and just go to the beach. Parked and got into our swimsuits, and headed out to the beach. The water was fantastic. It was sunny, and friendly, and just so great. We brought a frisbee and played with it in the waves. Then we all decided to fight the ocean, drop kicking it and punching it and crashing into it. Sometimes this resulted in injury, but we were all fine.

Then while we were relaxing AJ and I discussed this hot girl farther down the beach which we could not tell how good her face looked. Then Mike got buried in sand and arose like a zombie.

After all that we went to an “Irish” pub and I got some really delicious shepherd’s pie.

Made our way to the Motel 6, dropped off our stuff, and tried to find out about a carnival we saw on the way there. But when we tried to find it again we found it had closed and instead went back to the beach to just chill. The moon was out and it was all very relaxing and nice. Drank on the beach a bit.

Then headed back to sleep.

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