Day 03 – Virginia Beach to Lexington

We started out from Virginia Beach up through West Virginia. Stopped somewhere for some Mexican food that was pretty good. The mountains in West Virginia seemed to really impress Mike. I guess that’s what living in Minnesota is like.

We drove and drove and finally got to Lexington. Oh we stopped at a rest place right before there while the sun was going down and got some cool pictures. Checked in to the hotel, and then following Rachel’s paper of things to do in Lexington, we went downtown. We first stopped at the gas station to pick up some Ale 8, which is Kentucky’s native soda. It was alright. Found the bar named Busters and lemme tell you about it. This bar was AWESOME. They had $1 PBRs, and free pool and darts, and huge blackboards that covered the wall with chalked names everywhere. It had a good atmosphere, wasn’t too dark, wasn’t too loud, and if you wanted music there was a live music venue right next door! This place was the ultimate bar. Unfortunately the place was closing that weekend! Very tragic.

So after hanging out at Busters for a while we went over to The Dame next door to listen to two bands. We then came back to the hotel and slept.

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