Day 04 – Lexington

Started off the day going to the Kentucky Horse Farm. This place was really gorgeous and we went there on a hot clear day. Paid entrance and waited at the horse riding thing. We then each got a horse to ride – mine was named Indigo – and headed out on this trail in a single file line. It was really relaxing and chill. Adrienne’s horse started straying off the path a bit so I went ahead of her, but the girl in front of her did not know how to make her horse go very fast so my horse practically had his face in the other horse’s ass. Felt sorry for him. I think the girl was afraid to kick the sides of her horse… I could also tell that my horse was hungry as he kept on stopping and trying to eat various leaves and grasses. It was fine but I really would like to ride a horse in a much more free environment where I could take him/her anywhere.

After that we went to the horse museum they had there. There are so many different breeds of horses that I had no idea existed! Anyway, after that we headed back out.

Drove to the Four Roses whiskey distillery. It actually smelled like roses there. Went on the tour but could barely hear the tour guide in some parts. When we went into the main mash room it smelled very musky and reminded me of the unfermented beer they had available to try at the Heineken factory. She then gave us sips of Moonshine/White Lightning, which is straight from the distillery 100+ proof alcohol. It was strong but interesting. Then came back and tried their three levels of whiskey, and we each bought a bottle of the middle quality. Very tasty. Though I think because we had the whisky in the hot car, it lost the good taste after a while on the trip.

After the distillery we went on what Rachel said was a “scenic” drive, but we were all tired and it didn’t seem very scenic so we just went back to the hotel. Rested.

Then we went back out to Busters. Had a few beers and Adrienne decided to go check out the live music next door. Mike and I didn’t want to pay the cover so we played darts a bit, and then walked around the square. We found this Goodfellows Pizza place which had some amazing pizza. We also found a really hot girl painting a Guinness advertisement on the side of a restaurant and chatted with her for a while. After that we found a large fountain, and in a moment of spontaneity, we each walked through it and got drenched. That was incredibly fun and we walked around some more drying off.

We then met up with AJ who had made her way to the theater somehow with this Matt guy. He worked there and supposedly it was really cool inside. Matt then told us about this hot dog place near the university, so we went there and it was pretty tasty. I played a round of X-Men against Mike and lost, and I don’t think he got too far either. I think Matt was trying to flirt with AJ but she was dedicated to her boy back in Seattle so he was out of luck.

Headed back and to sleep.

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