Day 05 – Lexington to Louisville

We started off North to Ohio in the morning. Made it to Cincinnati, but after calling Lilly for information on things to do in both Cincinnati and Indianapolis, we were kind of left still wondering what we were up for. As for Cincinnati, we just went to a Thai restaurant. I can’t really remember what I had, but it wasn’t that great from what I remember.

We decided to move on, but it turns out Cincinnati is impossible to leave. So after getting lost and really angry, we finally found our way to the highway and to Indianapolis. There wasn’t really anything there either, so we parked and walked around the whole city.

There was a monument, and a square, and a beggar who wanted to give us directions for money. I can’t really remember if we had dinner and where… but all in all we weren’t too impressed.

We then just drove our way down into Louisville, found a motel, and slept.

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