Day 06 – Louisville to Murfeesburough

We got up not too early and headed to the Louisville Slugger Museum. We got a tour of the factory, which wasn’t as… Willy-Wonka-esque as I had wanted, but whatever. We got to see how the bats were made, and a bit of baseball history here and there. After the tour we each got these tiny mini bats. Then we went to the gift store and each of us ordered a personalized baseball bat. This of course was one of the main goals on my list for this road trip, and though it was way too expensive, I submitted my cash.

While waiting for the bats to be personalized, we went to the nearby “Mexican” restaurant. I say “Mexican” because we had some discussion about how it was actually not really Mexican food at all… It involved spelling things wrong and I seem to recall I did not see any Latino people there at all.

Anyhow, picked up the bats and then made way to Bonnaroo. Now, the reason why we weren’t going to Bonnaroo is because a) there weren’t many bands that were playing that we liked, b) they would not sell us one day passes and c) we were not budgetly endowed enough to buy tickets for the complete four days. But we went there to meet Adrienne’s friend Will, who was a good guy that had been at my house long before in a very drunken state. We decided to meet him at Walmart. We went there and it was being taken over by hippies. They were EVERYWHERE. and looked pretty dirty. But that plan was messed up due to Will meeting us at the west gate. After confusion and driving back and forth for a while, we finally picked up Will.

First we headed to Waffle House, and picked up a pretty good meal. Chatted about good times, and then headed off to Walmart again to get stuff for Will. Dropped him off at the gate again and headed back out.

We looked for a place to stay along the way that would be cheap and found one in Murfeesboro. Dropped stuff off at the motel and went to the nearby Asian restaurant for dinner. Then we decided we wanted to go to a bar so we took off trying to find downtown. Found a good bar and sat down to have drinks and listen to the live bands. The first band came on and they were alright, and then the Hellbillies came on and they were pretty good. They had this hot girl with weird sunglasses up on stage.

We drank quite a bit, especially AJ who got a million free drinks from a million guys. Mike and I danced a bit and I accidentally knocked his beer which spilled a bit onto this large girl sitting nearby and she just gave us the meanest dirtiest ugliest look yall ever saw in the South. Anyhow, AJ and I were sitting outside and one of AJ’s courters invited us to an after party. We figured sure, we’d go, and we were told the directions. We waited for Mike to close his tab, but Mike wasn’t coming out. I went in looking for him and found him chatting to some girl at the bar. So I decided to give him a few more minutes. Finally when we couldn’t wait any longer I went in, told the girl “Look, we gotta go so can you just give him your number so we can leave?” and she was like “Oh no! I wasn’t flirting with him” and held up her hand and pointed to her ring. Hah! I don’t think Mike caught that until she pointed it out. Anyhow, we left to try to find the after party but completely forgot where it was, so instead we just drove back and slept.

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