Day 07 – Murfeesburough to Memphis

In the morning we all got up except AJ seemed to be experiencing one of the worst hangovers of her life. We headed out anyway and while driving she threw up three times. Luckily none of it in the car!

We went to one of the most awesome junk stores on the way. It had all sorts of crappy $1 DVDs and awful porcelain statuettes. Spent a good amount of time there.

Anyhow, drove and drove while simultaneously contacting Matt about when we were going to arrive and directions to his place. We ended up getting there a lot sooner than I had predicted and Matt was out, so we parked and witnessed a gay pride parade that was happening. It was a very long parade, and tons of pictures were taken. Everyone was so gay! Anyhow, Matt came down to meet us and we went back to his place and chilled at his house for a while. We chatted and met his wife, Dana (is that right?), and cat. It was all in all a very good time. Then we went out into the city to get dinner at a Thai place. We would have gotten it at this other restaurant which smelled awesome, but the wait was something like light years long.

After that we went to Beale St. which was a lot like New Orleans’ Bourbon St. with more authentic music and a bit more concentrated. Tons of neon lights and sketchy frat boys. On the way we went into this old shop with lots of souvenir and oddball things. Then we left for this bar that in years past had been a brothel. It was actually really cool and seemed to have a nice atmosphere. They still had the rooms that were from the brothel, which were interesting to go into and would make really cool hang out rooms. We went into this room with a piano and a second bar and chilled there for a while. On the way out we met some more of Matt’s friends who stole AJ away from us. Went back to the house and I fell asleep in the middle of watching one of the terrible DVDs we had bought named Laser Mission.

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