Day 08 – Memphis

In the morning we chilled at Matt’s house for a bit. He made us watermellon for breakfast! Which was awesome. Then we left for Graceland.

Graceland is a bit odd because it consists of a few museums that cover each aspect of Elvis’ life. But what’s odd about it is that there are about twice as many gift shops than museums! I mean, they were really pushing the merch. And all of the gift shops sold roughly the same things! Anyhow.

We took the tour of his mansion, which was pretty cool because each room had its own design. I would love to live in a place like that. I mean without the tourists walking through all the time. I distinctly remember the room with the multiple televisions, and also the room with the pool table that had a really cool fabric ceiling that was pleated. (I don’t think I’ve ever used the word pleated before). It was cool seeing all the cult history. Though no one mentioned my WWED shirt.

We saw his grave, and I had this brilliant idea to get some bacon and leave it on the grave, and I tried to work out in my head how we could have done it… but sadly didn’t. Actually in retrospect, I had imagined Elvis’ grave being in a graveyard setting, not at his house.

We then went around to the other museums… The cars he drove, his costumes, his airplane, his war experience, etc etc. Then went to a gift shop and bought some Elvis glasses. But the only size that really fit me were the kid’s size, but they kinda still squeeze my head a bit. I guess I can only wear them on special occasions.

We then had lunch at Picadelli’s Cafe, in which we were the only white people. Those situations are always odd to me since I’m not used to being a minority. Anyhow, the food was pretty good. Then we came back to the house and relaxed. We did some laundry, and watched A Clockwork Orange.

Then Matt came back and we went to the Deli for food and beers. And then sleep.

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