Day 09 – Memphis to Hot Springs

Left Memphis and said farewell to Matt. It was only a few miles outside of the city that I got a call from him saying he missed me, no actually that we had forgotten my CD binder back at his place. Oh well, I decided they weren’t that critical and I would send him the money to get the CDs back. To this day I still haven’t sent him that money, and he still hasn’t sent me the CDs, but I know he’s keeping them safe and sound. I’ll get around to it.

So we drove on down to Hot Springs in Arkansas, which was a little town very much like what I’d expect to see out in the West actually. But it was quaint. Our first stop was the Alligator Farm, which was pretty rockin. We pet a baby deer and a baby goat in the same pen. I know some day they will grow up and have to fight each other, but it was cute how the food we were giving them was larger than their mouths could handle.

We walked around and saw the various other animals. More goats, a mermaid, tons upon tons of alligators that were just chillin, a mountain lion that was truly awesome, some monkeys, various birds, peacocks and raccoons. It was really hot so a lot of the animals were just trying to stay cool. Halfway through the time that we were there, a group of kids came in and you could tell all the animals were thinking “Oh god not more kids.” And kids will be kids and highly obnoxious when it comes to annoying the animals and trying to get them move. Anyhow it was a pretty good time, and I got some really good pictures of alligator eyes and raccoon paws. AJ picked up an alligator hand back scratcher that seemed pretty efficient.

After the farm we went over to the Wax Museum which was creepy as a clown mailman. I could tell that they were really trying with the realism, but it just wasn’t quite human and seeing that familiar yet deranged versions of celebrities was just… unsettling. Everybody knows celebrities are made of plastic, not wax. We saw the pope, and elvis, and some alice in wonderland characters, and possibly the craziest version of the Seven Dwarves that I shall ever see.

After all that excitement we went to have lunch in a small cafe with model airplanes hanging all over the place. They didn’t have any catfish so I think I had some sort of sandwich.

Then we headed over to the “bath houses” which were more like museums. I don’t really know if there are functioning bath houses in Hot Springs, but I was kind of disappointed. Though the water fountains were hot and steaming, which must look really cool when it’s colder outside.

We asked directions to the best place to camp, and to the grocery store, and we picked up some supplies and headed over to the campgrounds near Lake (I had to look this up) Ouachita. It was extremely windy there and not too comfortable, but we managed to set up the tent and fire with perseverance. Had a bit of a time looking for wood but we managed to find a bit. We then stuck hot dogs on sticks and cooked them over the fire and drank a buncha booze, just like real Arkansasians. We chilled by the fire, and Mike and I took a walk around the camp sights. Then we retired.

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