Day 10 – Hot Springs to New Orleans

Got up in the morning and decided to try out the “beach” at the campsight. A beach in the middle of Arkansas, just needed to reflect on that for a moment. We put on some swimming gear and tried it out, but it was awfully cold and we didn’t really last too long there. We headed on out, and though we got a little lost getting back to the main southern highway, we got there eventually. On the way though we decided to randomly choose a breakfast place we saw on the side of the road and it was amazing! Everything you’d expect from a cheap breakfast food diner, with pretty good coffee and pretty good breakfast food and really nice people at the counter. I hope that’ll be my impression of Arkansas.

The next drive was to New Orleans, back to a place that I once entered with a car and left on a bus. For that story you’ll have to ask me or read it when I get around to writing it up in this journal.

So we didn’t really have a plan for a hotel, but after stopping at a Days Inn nearby we found it was $62. That wasn’t too bad considering our distance from downtown and alternatives. So we decided on that place and unpacked our stuff.

We headed into the city, and found a pretty lucky parking space nearby the French Quarter. First off I took Mike and AJ on a quick tour down Decateur street, finding all that stuff familiar. At the end of the street though we found people filming a movie, not so ironically called Mardi Gras, and staring good ol’ whats her name. After wandering around a bit, we stopped in at a place called Flannigans for a beer or two, and then walked over to another random place called Coop’s. Now Flannigan’s was what I would expect in New Orleans, you know, just a bar to serve as a bar. But Coop’s was actually a really nice atmosphere and had all the things I liked about a bar – good lighting, choosable music with a jukebox, extremely friendly bartenders and servers, and real greasy delicious food. And an average selection of beers. We spent some time in there and got to know the bartenders and had a good time.

We wanted to explore more of the bar options, so we headed over to a place called The Dungeon, which pretty much was themed like the name. We heard rumors of kinky stuff being done in that place… But seemed alright. Like Flannigan’s, it seemed like a bar I would expect to be in New Orleans.

At some point we went back to Flannigan’s. That night was strangely foggy in my memory, and I remember getting pretty drunk. Mike drove us back, bless the kind hearted chap. And somehow got to sleep.

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