Day 11 – New Orleans

Got up and because of the convenience of having an IHOP built into the Days Inn, that’s where we went for breakfast. It was pretty terrible but affordable. After that we researched Air Boat tours just a little bit and headed off to the location. Had a bit of trouble getting there because there were about 5 different highway 90s and we had to crisscross a bridge twice because we took a wrong turn. But eventually made it there just on time.

We got on the boat and they supplied us with these ear covers to help with the noise. I wanted to be manly so I didn’t use them at all. The boats were cool though, they just flew over the water and were really fast. We didn’t even go the full speed of the boat and I really enjoyed it. The weather was fantastic too so that was great. We went through the man made canals with trees dripping with green foliage all around us. And soon enough we found our first alligator. The tour guide was this old leathery guy who you could tell had seen a lot in his day. He proceeded to feed the various alligators marshmallows because apparently that’s what they like. We made various stops all along the place and went through true Bayou country. I was half expecting to see a broken down house with some creepy guy playing banjo on the porch. Also I couldn’t stop thinking about Gambit being from there.

We stopped in this large marshy place and he brought out a small alligator (he pretended to grab out of the water but actually just had in the back) and let us hold it. It was really cool and cute and I almost ate it. We tried to feed it a dragonfly but apparently it was either not hungry or too scared to eat it. Maybe thought it was poisoned.

There was also this really old oil pipeline thing we passed by which looked incredibly cool. Like something out of a steampunk convention, with various wheels all around it, and rust.

We headed back to the dock, and drove off towards the downtown area again. This time we walked a bit along the river, which was nice until some con artists pulled us aside and played the whole “I bet I can guess where you got your shoes” trick with Mike. I had seen it before and I should have said something, but let it go. The answer, for all those unfamiliar with the con, is “You got them on your feet!” Anyhow, it was this woman who was pregnant and some pimp I suppose who then proceeded to put soap on Mike’s shoes and “shine” them, which was awful, and I can’t remember how much Mike gave them but it was kind of hilarious.

We walked by a couple shops and eventually found the cafe I had visited four years ago, named Envie. It’s at the corner of the french market and we stopped there to relax a bit. Then we had a really crappy lunch at the place on the corner. The bartender was kind of an ass, and the food took forever to be made, and they were playing that awful movie with Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Anyhow, we then went to a hookah bar, and started chatting with the locals at the table next to us. They were really cool and we had a nice time. The movie set was being filmed outside and we watched a few fake floats pass buy. Apparently there was a stand in for whoever was the star of the movie.

We then walked down Bourbon St. Bourbon Street, if you haven’t been there, is like Frat Row with lots of advertised sex and alcohol. A bit obnoxious, and too many backward baseball hats. Got one of those Hand Grenade drinks, though I didn’t have much since I was the designated driver. While walking along the street there was some guy who touched the back of my head, and smiled at me when I turned around. I have no idea what that meant, but I’m guessing it’s a code that he wanted to have sex with me. I politely was flattered and smiled back as he walked away. Sometimes life would be easier if I swung that direction.

Anyhow, we went back to Coop’s and hung out there for a bit before leaving and heading back to the hotel for some sleep.

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