Day 41 – Boston to Niagara Falls

got up and finished getting everything in the car
farewells to the house
headed out on 90
through new york
finally got to niagara
really shitty town
got around the tolls, but had to use the map
checked stuff into the hostel
walked to the falls
really cool
lots of water falling off
water that looked like knuckles
picture with flower in front of water
walked over to the horseshoe
glad i had brought plastic to cover my camera
really misty
cave of the winds
not really a cave
stood underneath the falls
got drenched, despite wearing a raincoat
walked back to the hostel
went back out for dinner
place i wanted to go was closed
went to a chinese fast food instead
came back
talked to guy who was biking across the us
went to bed

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