Day 1 – San Francisco to Vancouver to Hong Kong

Oh my goodness. I somehow am in Asia having a rocking time.

So the night before I left, I couldn’t sleep very well at all. It was like trying to close your eyes while standing on the edge of a cliff. I’ve been using a lot of similes over the past few hours to relate these experiences to others, I think to make them more understandable.

Got up and left for the airport in my parents’ new car, which was weird because it was the first time for me ever being in and driving that car. Got to the airport on time. I had just a little trouble at the gate checking in, for some reason I had to see an agent, but whatever it was they got it solved quickly.

While waiting in the gate, I read a few pages of On The Road. I think I’ll find little pieces of irony in all the cracks of this trip. His characters are damned interesting and I’d love to be one of them. Maybe I already am.

The sky slowly recovered from a fresh purple bruise color to a nice mellowy orange color. I thought about how there were so many uncertainties ahead, and how I’m treading into a chatoic world. Walking into a dark room I’m not familiar with and I’m wondering what furniture I’ll trip over. Very nervous.

Got on the plane, and almost immediately I made a friend! The guy sitting next to me was Vergil, a local of Hong Kong studying abroad in Vancouver. We started talking and it was great because he was a very cool guy. So over the course of the flight we chatted about movies, games, traveling, where I should go, so on and so on. And I even am planning to hang out with him on Saturday!

On the plane I watched a few movies. Coraline, Dragonball Evolution, Watchmen. Managed to keep myself not bored. And actually it turns out I didn’t sleep too much.

I’m cutting the journal here because technically that was the end of the first day!

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