Day 2 – Arrival in Hong Kong

Landed. I got off the plane and Vergil helped direct me to the right place. I went through Customs really really fast, in fact there were absolutely no words exchanged between me and the Customs Agent except for me saying “Hi.”

Hong Kong is humid. Not as humid as Omaha in summer, but humid enough to feel like you’re wearing another skin, and to make me sweat more than necessary while carrying around a backpack.

I separated from Vergil, and went to the A21 bus to downtown. They needed exact change so I missed that bus and got the next one. The windows had a poetic kind of fog that slowly evaporated. And it actually took me quite a while to realize that HOLY SHIT WE’RE DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD! I had forgotten about that detail.

Managed to get off at the right stop, but immediately I was bombarded by Indian people trying to get me to stay in various hostels. There was just a flood of guys trying to get me to stay in their special low price room.
I suppose me being white and wearing a large backpack, I looked the their perfect target.

Got to the place, though was a bit skeptical about the location. Actually it turned out being a pretty good place. In total it cost me $260 Hong Kong Dollars, which is about $33 for two nights. Carrie had booked me the room, and soon enough they showed up! They were a bit exhausted from their day, but I hung out with Carrie, Greg, Karen and Michelle. Went out into the Hong Kong night a bit, stopping at a bar here and there, and meeting various people. Then came back and exhaustedly fell into a sleep.

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