Day 2 – Arrival in Hong Kong

The first edition of my trip’s Underground journal, the one with details my parents don’t need to know about.

Saw a store called Lukfook Jewelry, and instantly a great slogan came to mind: “One luk and she’ll fook you.”

Ok now to talk about the evening! So Greg, Karen, Michelle and I (Carrie was doing a phone interview) went out to 7-11 to get things to drink to keep cool. Greg and I each bought these huge beers. We took them back to the hotel, drank and talked about great ideas we’ve had. Then Carrie got out of her meeting and we went back to 7-11 to grab more to drink. Since we couldn’t take them out and drink in public, we actually stayed in the 7-11 and had a great party there. Other people were drinking in there as well, and we actually met up with two Australian fellows by the name of Tom (who I kept on calling Tony) and Zack. I had bought some Snake Whiskey, which everyone was having a taste of. It was pretty vile, but it seemed to be very effective at getting me drunk. So once we were all falling all over, we befriended another local named James, who we nicknamed James Bond. We somehow got the idea that we all wanted to go to a strip club, and some of us had never been to one, and James seemed to know the way. Buuut it turns out he was just leading us to some ordinary or lame bars. Kind of a disappointment. WTF Bond. We actually walked into a brothel at one point, but that wasn’t a strip club. It also didn’t help that this was past midnight and things were closed. Anyhow, finally settled at M1 bar, which was expensive and sort of lame, but we danced (we were the only ones dancing). It was good. Then we stumbled home in the rain. It was drenching.

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