Day 3 – Hong Kong

Awoke to the thunder of a hangover. Only a slight one, but at this point I’m just so pumped up about being out in the world that it doesn’t matter one bit. Yes. I’m so excited that I’m my own cure to a hangover.

I took an advil, and checked to see if the others were awake. The light wasn’t on under their door so I assumed they were asleep, so I went back to my room and took a nap.

It got pretty late in the day actually, but that’s fine since I needed recovery from all the partying the night before. Then we all got up and headed out. First we went to this place to get food, and after we by chance met some random local, we were told to go to this place called The Sweet Dynasty. It was really good food, and I ate jellyfish! Tasted a bit neutral, but the texture was odd. A bit like octopus. I also tried some of Greg’s Congee, which was alright but I wouldn’t order it for an entire meal.

After a bit of decision making, Greg and I went out to find electronics stores and the girls went on a trip to a fortune teller in a far away temple. Greg was seeing what the prices would be on a new computer, since he needed a new one and was told he might get a very good discount in HK. We first went down to the Kowloon Waterfront, but the place there wasn’t very large and it looked like the prices matched the prices in the US. We walked around a little bit, checked out the Peninsula Hotel. While there we saw lion statues that had paws that looked like they had been rubbed for something or other, so we decided to rub it for good luck. We then walked through Kowloon Park, which was really nice and I think cooler than Central Park in New York. We needed to get to Kimberly Street, but didn’t know where exactly we needed to leave the park in order to get there, so we decided to get back to Nathan Road and suddenly there was the road! We decided it was the luck of the lion paw.

So we then went to a camera store where we looked for a wide angle lens converter for my camera. Found one guy who made a call to figure out what there was, and it turned out the converter would have cost quite a bit of money. I don’t remember how much, but I looked it up now and it was about US$150.

Then we walked up Nathan Road to the other computer center, which was much much larger. Greg didn’t really find much better prices either, so he decided to just get the computer back in the US.

It was about time to meet up with the girls again so we took the subway back down and to the hostel. But when we got there, we received an email saying they had waited for us and left to go shopping at exactly the time we arrived. So we gave them a few minutes and then joined them. We then did the walk up Nathan Road all over again, but this time it was at night so the neon signs were all lit up. We went to one of the night markets, and walked around looking at all sorts of stuff for sale. I didn’t buy anything, but Karen got a notebook and Greg got his fortune told.

We then took the subway back down since we had seen a vegetarian restaurant for Carrie and Michelle. Turns out that when we got there, they were just about closing but let us in anyway. Then they acted kind of mean about the situation, asking us to pay early since they were closing. Got some nice sweet and sour vegetarian pork.

After that we went back to our room, and chilled and watched Tropic Thunder off Greg’s laptop. Actually the sound wasn’t working with the television, so for speakers we transfered the movie to my computer, and then tried as well as we could to play both movies on each computer at the same time so the sound synchronized. Took a few tries but finally got it. And that was day three.

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