Day 5 – Hong Kong – Hong Kong Island

Got up and had breakfast with Kate’s family. I’m gaining a reputation as the only white guy in restaurants. Weird being a minority. This breakfast was odd because I’ve never had a Chinese breakfast. All the places in the US seemed to just serve lunch and dinner. It was very filling. It seems a popular item is ramen for breakfast.

Kate and I walked around the market for a little bit and then I took the bus to the subway to HK Island to meet up with Vergil. He actually was quite easy to find, which was surprising. We started off at the Wan Chai ferry pier, and then walked a bit around Central. We went to a high end restaurant that he knew the owner of, which was really awesome. Apparently there were celebrities there, and it was the place where politicians go occasionally. The meal itself was incredibly delicious. Very ho may. Their Pork buns were like a sweet type of croissants, making them unique and great. I had pig stomach, which was ok, and some kind of fruity dessert drink, which was awesome. Pig liver isn’t good though. I’m not a liver type of guy.

After we finished food, we went over to Victoria Peak. Took the tram up, which was on a very steep track, maybe even steeper than the hill I grew up on. We got up to the top and saw an incredible view of Hong Kong. It probably would be great to see at night, but I suppose that’ll have to be saved for another trip, or just postcards.

Took the bus down. Not as crazy as the Tai O bus, but still lots of G Force. Vergil fell asleep for a little bit. Finally got off the bus and walked around the area some more. We were trying to find the Man Mo Temple, so Vergil asked this old man for directions. He had skin that seemed to be dripping off of his arms, and he was lacking quite a few teeth, and he seemed to be always amused by whatever he was saying.

Took the old tram, which was kind of fun like the trolleys in San Francisco. Very slow. Saw the Western Market, which wasn’t so fantastic. I guess the history is important.

Then went to Man Mo Temple, which had a whole bunch of spiraling incense burning and hanging from the ceiling. It looked really cool, but the incense made the room sufferingly thick in atmosphere, to the point where I was sweating something fierce. But got the pictures and went out to the bus stop outside.

Then made a very quick stop at Causeway Bay just to see what it looked like, and it looked like an anthill that had found Willy Wonka’s candy factory, except replace the ants with people. Then I departed from Vergil, and headed off to the Convention Center. There was a food expo happening and I was meeting Kate there.

This was the first time I used Skype, and I have to say I was so surprised when it actually worked. And I checked my credits and I only spent 6 cents for the conversation. Pretty good. Met Kate and her friends, who all seemed to be fun people, and we went into the expo. Kate’s brother worked at one of the booths and got us free admission (though I forgot that he was going to do that and bought my ticket before I met up with her).

The convention was filled with all sorts of different food brands and samples and cheap stuff. There were sooooo many people, a lot more than at any other kind of convention I’ve been to. They were all there for the cheap food I suppose. Went to Kate’s brother’s stand, he gave me free soup, then we walked around trying various samples, got a smoothy, and another drink, and then we thought it was just too crowded and we left.

Then we took the Star Ferry over to the Kowloon, which was alright, and then went to the Harbor view to see the Symphony of Lights. The show was… well… disappointing. There was really only two buildings that made the show, the Bank of China building and one other on the right. I recorded a lot of it with my camera but whatever. Also took a few panoramic photos, and some photos to convert into HDR.

Met up with her friends again, and we all went to a Chinese restaurant nearby. That had very very good food, but because I’ve been filling myself up every single time I don’t eat so much. After we were mostly finished, there were still some things on the table, and everyone played Stone paper scissors for who would eat them. We were all soooo full.
Then we were very tired and we slowly went all the way back to Tung Chung. Once we got back, I tried to play with Photoshop, but we were so tired it didn’t take long to just fall asleep.

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