Day 6 – Hong Kong – Cheng Chau

Started the day with another huge meal by Kate’s parents. Then traveled to Hong Kong Station where we then got on the fast ferry to Cheng Chau Island. We couldn’t get to the roof section, which was unfortunate because I love that part of the boat. After a short ride we arrived, and walked along the main path along the sea. Came across a bike rental shop, which is what we were looking for, and they were $30 HK each. Kate hadn’t ridden bikes much before, so I had to help her learn a bit. It’s more difficult to explain how to ride a bike that it would first seem.

We made our way across the island to the Rock and Cave area. We first checked out the cave, which required a flashlight to get through. Luckily I had just that! We headed through, and got to the other side. Then took the same route back, helping out a few unfortunate kids who hadn’t brought flashlights for their school trip or something.

Then we went down this very long pathway that I thought would lead to something interesting, but just led to a few other sites and a small beach. Saw a few guys fishing off the side. The rock, if it was the one I’m thinking of, wasn’t interesting at all. The whole place was pretty trashed. Litter everywhere, which was kind of sad.

Went to a small temple there. Nothing too special. Then came back to the main part of the island. Riding the bikes around was a lot of fun, though the streets with lots of people made it difficult to ride through. Got some food, which was kind of like a hot pocket with curry beef inside. Also drank Blue Girl, which is the most Hong Kong beer you can get. It was alright. Then we got dessert at a nearby place. I got creme brulee, which I always like, and Kate got some cool flaming rum dessert.

Biked around some more. Went to the beach and bought some fish balls. Put our feet in the water, and it was a comfortable warmth, but there were wayyyy too many people on the beach. Plus the sand was pretty coarse.

We returned our bikes, and headed back home. Stopped at a mall’s food court, where they had food from all different Asian countries. Kind of gave me a preview at what I was getting into. I got some dumplings and some hot and sour soup. Then we went home and pretty much straight to sleep. We were tired.

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