Day 9 – Hong Kong to Taipei

Packed upon getting up. Made sure I had all the right tickets and instructions on how to get to Ola’s place (the next couch surfer I was staying with). Said goodbye to Kate and her parents, and headed off. Got a little worried when the bus didn’t immediately go to the terminal, but after a while it did. Got off at a weird entrance to the terminal, which I found out was actually the emergency exit, but apparently some people used it to get into the terminal. Not really any signs to tell me that. Got my ticket and got to the gate. Hong Kong airport is absolutely huge. I had to take a train to get to my gate, which was 60. And I wanted to use the rest of my HK money, so I bought another Micro-SD card at an electronics stand and some water and snacks at the market shop near the gate.

The EVA flight was actually one of the best flights I’ve ever had. I sat at the very front of the plane, I guess because it had multiple floors and economy class was on the second floor. The food was great, a simple chicken and rice with a weird salad on the side. And they served both coffee and tea. There was plenty of leg room. The flight attendants were all friendly good looking Asian women in uniform. And the view out the window was nice as well. I’d love to fly them again to see if it was just a fluke or that really is their typical service.

Landed. Went through Customs. Got on a bus and headed off through Taipei. From what I could tell, it was another large city. Lots of buildings, lots of shops, lots of people, nothing too special about it. I found Ola’s place without too much trouble, though I was nervous about ringing the right bell because I was trying to match up the Chinese characters on the instructions she gave me with those on the door.

Got in, and relaxed at the place. Chatted with Ola for a while. She was Polish, and teaching English over here in Taipei. Didn’t go out for food because I wasn’t that hungry, and instead just slept fairly early.

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