Day 11 – Taipei

Since Ola had returned very late from visiting her friend last night, I decided to update my journal once I got up in the morning. After a while I wanted to start my day, so instead of waking her up to say I was heading out I left a note saying where I was and telling her to email me what time I should be back by.

I took the MTR up to Danshui, which was a long trip and I think I took a small nap on the way. When I got up there, my plan was to rent a bike and head around by that method. But even after asking an info desk, I wasn’t able to find the bike rental and was distracted by all the street activity. So I walked up and down the main market streets there, where there were lots of food stands. I walked around until I had a good idea of my options and then tried the omelete balls, which were not so good because I don’t like the taste of egg yolk. Same thing with the blackened eggs. Tried a little of the Almond drink too. Then I tried the stinky tofu, and that was… well… Ok I’ll try it once, but I don’t think I’ll ever have it again. It tastes like feet.

After I was done with Danshui, I went down to Ximen. This is a big trendy area with lots of kids showing off their styles and subcultures. I didn’t really see too many crazy subcultures, but there were all sorts of high end stores. I went into a Studio A store, which is pretty much an Apple Store, and set up very similar to one of the miniature stores I worked in. Talked to one of the employees there, Edick, and borrowed their wifi for a while.

After that I headed over to Snake Alley, which was a bit disappointing because there wasn’t as many snakes as I thought there would be. In fact, there were probably two stores I saw that had snakes out front, and it didn’t look like they had English menus. Whatever. After watching the snakes for a little bit I didn’t really feel like eating them.

I continued walking down the alley, and soon found myself out of the food area and into the prostitute area. I noticed this when some woman offered me something I couldn’t understand. And so I headed back the other way. I thought it was about time to go to Din Tai Fung, which was amazing. It took a little while to find, but it was such good food once I did. After I left, I was so happy and full of food. I walked comfortably over to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial and watched people practicing dance routines and capoeira. And after I was satisfied with that I headed back to the apartment.

One of the things I noticed that day was that so many people stayed in their shops for the entire day. They must get pretty bored… or develop some kind of hobbies while they are there waiting for customers. I couldn’t do that.

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