Day 12 – Taipei – Yelhiu and Jiofen

When I left in the morning , the brown line of the MTR was closed so I took a free bus to the place where I needed to pick up the other bus. I managed to find the right place with the help of someone there, and managed to get there at just the right time because the bus arrived at that moment.

My first stop was Yehliu, and another helpful person touristing from Hong Kong helped let me know which was the correct shop. It was just a short walk from where the bus dropped me off, and I finally got there. The stone formation in the Yehliu geo park were pretty interesting. It was quite surreal, despite the thousands of tourists walking around. There were rocks in all sorts of shapes, mushrooms, eggs, fungus, checkerboards, all things.

After walking around the main area, I started down some mysterious path. It went up and up and up for a long time. But instead of turning back I was committed to finding out where it ended. Passed by some kind of weird spooky restroom with no water. I got pretty sweaty, but eventually was rewarded with a scenic outlook with a very nice consistent windy gust that dried off all the sweat. I spent a little time there, and then headed back a route that passed by some weird tower. Came back and spent a bit more time walking around the stone formations and then headed back to the bus.

I still had plenty of time, so I decided to try for Jiofen. After talking to a nice lady with a very helpful piece of paper at the Yehliu information center, I was on my way to Jiofen. Because it was early in the day, I don’t think it was as pretty, so I was determined to stay there until the lanterns went on. So I walked around the town. There were many many stairs as this place was built on a hill. Also the lanes were very narrow, so whenever someone stopped to look into a store the whole line behind them was also halted. This made it very annoying and I didn’t really like the whole scene. I walked and walked, pretty much everywhere in Jiofen. I even found the two secret pathways that cut corners. Somehow I even found myself at the base of a huge cemetery. The Asian graves seem to be a lot more interesting than Western graves.

Found some dinner at a random place, and they had a very engrish menu with items that just didn’t make sense. I ordered the most intriguing of the items, and it turned out to be the wild card! I got a bowl full of pretty much every type of meat, and a full whole shrimp (head and everything).

Eventually the sun was setting so I got to a nice scenic lookout and took a nice picture, except the sun went behind some clouds before it completely set. Oh well. I walked around some more until the lantern lights turned on. Took the good pictures of Jiofen, and I was pretty much straight onto the bus back to Taipei.

From what I remember, I went straight back to the apartment from there.

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