Day 15 – Taipei – Down day

This day I decided just to have a chill day not doing very much. Ola was getting a new couch surfer that day so I headed out to the hostel I had reserved a room at. The room wasn’t going to be ready for a while, so I just waited in the lobby and caught up with some things.

I did laundry, which required doing it by hand. I’d never done that before, so I tried to mimick what I had seen in movies or where-ever. Seemed to work out fine! And laundry detergent was $5.

I worked for a while in the lobby next to this very cute polish girl with short blond hair. Her name was Magda, short for Magdalena, which I thought was a strange nickname I’d never heard. We both were a bit hungry and decided to go out together to get food. We made our way to Snake Alley, wandering our way through Ximen and the streets over that way. We got a little lost but got back on track when we asked someone. The whole time it seemed we were paying little attention to what was going on around us and just talking a whole lot about our travels and interests and all that.

We actually weren’t as hungry as we thought, and just kind of bought a snack or two here and there. At one point we passed this night market stand playing some kind of childrens’ learning program on a television, and she started singing and dancing along with it. Very cute.

Headed back to the hostel. A little strange saying goodbye to her since we had made such a connection, and I kinda liked her and wanted to hang out more. But then went to sleep instead.

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