Day 16 – Taipei – First day with Tiffany

Today Tiffany was arriving from the States with her family, and soon after they landed she contacted me through facebook. We agreed to meet at the City Hall station, and at that time we did!

It was great to see her, since it had been a long time since we last talked. She looked and acted pretty much how I remembered her. Caught up on what each other had been doing. She apparently is now dating Ivan, another character from high school that seemed to drop off the map after graduation.

First we went to get some food in the nearby food court. Can’t remember what sort of food we got. But then we headed to the bookstore up a few levels. I think we played the part of obnoxious American tourists because we were very loud and had people looking at us, but we were catching up on old times and talking of all sorts of things.

After the bookstore, Tif had to do something with her relatives so we split up and decided to possibly meet up later. It turned out that they were just so tired from the trip that we cancelled the later meeting, but scheduled to hang out the next day on a bus tour that her family was doing.

I think I went out just for a quick meal that night, but nothing too special.

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