Day 23 – Scenic Coast and Goat Milk

This was a designated relax day for me. After all that driving of the scooter I needed a bit of chill. In the morning I took the scooter up the coast, along almost the same path I had taken my bike the first day in Hualien. It was logically a lot easier and faster to take the scooter.

So I drove all the way up the coast to the scenic view. It was quite a beautiful view of the ocean, but it kind of was just a view of the ocean with a beach and bike path. It was also very overcast and sprinkling rain here and there. It was also a little difficult to figure out the tourist map markers telling me where I was, but I got there. Drove past the sculpture park but it didn’t actually look worth stopping for.

The small town up that way was cute, and I decided to find the famed restaurant that serves goat milk in things. In order to find this I decided to not depend on words and waving hands, but rather drew a picture of a goat with an udder, and a cup of tea, and an arrow going from the goat udder into the cup. This seemed to work beautifully because I showed it to some guy at a bike shop and he pointed me in the right direction.

The restaurant itself was actually a lot higher class than I imagined. It had a beautiful view of the ocean, looking out into a stormy world of clouds and sounds of thunder. There was a nice girl who spoke intermediate English and she helped me order. I got a coffee with goat milk in it, and while sipping on that I wrote in my journal. Also came with a little bite of cheesecake. It was all very relaxing. After I finished the coffee I got up to leave because I didn’t have more cash, but when they said they took card and when I saw it was raining a little more I decided to stay for another drink. Had some honey tea with goat milk.

Goat milk is a culinary curiosity. Too many times I’ve poured milk into a cup of tea where the specific tea included some kind of citrus element, and the curdled milk tasted just awful. But putting goat milk into tea seems to give it a sour but soft taste, so it’s kind of like a way of getting around the issue of milk curdling in sour drinks.

I spent some time there just writing, and then headed back down the coast on my scooter again. I headed back to the hostel and relaxed there. Took a nap. Then in the evening I got up, went out to the night market and spent about an hour walking around looking for the perfect cheap replacement sandals. Did I mention that my sandals broke? Ah no. When I came back from the aboriginal festival, I stopped my bike for something near the bus terminal in Hualien, and that seemed to be the final straw for that pair of sandals. They carried me all the way through Europe, and finally broke in Taiwan. Anyhow. After scouring the night market I found a cheap $150 replacement. And when I was leaving I grabbed four pork buns they were selling on the corner for very cheap. Went back to the hostel and ate those, and they were absolutely delicious.

Contented I went to bed.

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