Day 24 – Mata’ian Wetlands and Sugar Factory

This day I headed out on the scooter to the Mataian Wetlands. It was a little difficult to find, but after scootering around the general area I managed to match up the Chinese characters with the ones on my map and got to the area. I found a place to park by a restaurant, which I decided to visit when coming back. Walked around the area, but the pathways were a little confusing and I seemed to continually run into dead ends and backtrack to where I started. That was a little annoying, but in general the place was very peaceful and quiet. There were large ponds full of lotus plants, but the flowers weren’t really in season so only saw a few of them. The wooden pathway through the area was kind of cool, and there were tons of dragonflies all over the place.

After satisfying my walk around and seeing what I could, I went into the restaurant I parked next to. This supposedly served aboriginal food, so I ordered a plate. It actually turned out to be a really interesting set of different foods and tasted great. I even had some ferns in my salad.

Afterwards I scootered over to the Sugar Factory on the other side. The area confused me because there didn’t seem to be a main building to go into, and I didn’t really see any signs to go to any factory. I apparently looked confused enough for some kind Chinese tourist to come up to me and he helped explain to me that the place was actually just a historical dedication to a factory that used to be there, and really the only thing left was the ice cream. So I went into a store nearby and bought some sugar ice pops. These were “sucrose” flavored.

I ate the popsicle next to this large pond with lots of fish, and all the fish slowly started to congregate near me expecting me to throw something in. When I was done with the popsicle, I let some of the melted sugar drip into the pond and suddenly the fish made a huge fish mob.

Then I went to another ice cream place and got a vanilla and chocolate double scoop in a cone. It was pretty good. Got on my scooter and headed back to the hostel.

Chilled at the hostel for a while, and met Anna, an Australian. We went to dinner nearby, which was delicious, and while eating we had a long philosophical talk about life and all stuff related. Talked about religion a lot. She worked in a place that organized Missionaries so I think she had an interesting perspective on the matter.

Came back and went to sleep.

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