Day 25 – Hualien to Taipei

Got up early in the morning and left. I had a late train, and checked to see if I could get it sooner and I could so I switched my ticket. Returned the scooter to the rental shop with no problems. Then I embarked on a quest to find postcards for Hualien, but no matter how many shops I went to I couldn’t find any. Finally after a while I went to the Visitor Center that had some crappy artistic postcards, but when I was asking about them the woman behind the desk produced a packet of wonderful postcards that were exactly what I was looking for, and then she gave them to me for free! How awesome is that.

I got on the train and went back to the hostel. I relaxed at the hostel while doing a little bit of laundry to have fresh clothes before leaving. I tried going out into Ximen to find food, but I wasn’t very successful. I even went to the beef noodle place that I had gone to with Tiffany but because I didn’t have anyone to help me order I was too afraid to go inside. Might have settled on some snack from 7-11 in the end, but I don’t remember.

I came back to the hostel and went to sleep. The room was a bit uncomfortable though because the guys sleeping in the bunks next to me were very smelly.

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