Day 30 – Saroma to Abashiri

Got up and packed
Sean had a headache so decided to call the day off
At around 1 he dropped me off at the bus station to Abashiri
Said goodbyes
Meeting up with June, who would pick up the same bus on the way to her place
After a while I did meet her, she was very fun and reminded me of some eccentric friends I have
We got to her place but she had to head out for work. Showed me her bike and got me a map of Abashiri
I broke her internet trying to get the wireless to work
Headed out for some food
Went to this Nepalese place that was very delicious
Tohu ice cream and Lassi the way it should be made
Walked back, passing by a 7-11 to pick up a beer
Relaxed back at Junes place, cleaned up her place a bit in kind of an apology for screwing up her internet
tried again at fixing it
didn’t work
June came back
chatted a while
Then went to sleep

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