Day 31 – Abashiri and Shiretoko National Park

Got up and prepared for the day
Headed out to the train station and used JR pass to get up to Shari
Bus from Shari to Utoro
Round trip bus at Utoro
5 lakes, walked very fast
picture of deer drinking at pond
lots of deer
hurried, but very beautiful
made it in record time
to nature center
went on trail
large beautiful field
very windy so waterfall was flowing upwards
back to nature center
chocolate bar
bus back to main area
bought a ticket
short walk
lost ticket
nice lady helped me get onto the bus because she sold me the ticket
back to Shari
train back to Abashiri
Walked back to June’s place
we went out for sushi
delicious sushi
back to her place, chatted a bit
went out for milk
she made cookies
went to sleep

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