Day 32 – Abashiri to Asahikawa

Started the day biking around Abashiri
Adjusted June’s bike
biked for such a long time up these giant hills, but couldn’t find the museums
tourist map was horribly wrong scale
managed to find drifting ice museum, but everything else was nowhere to be seen
after biking for hours went back to June’s just for a 15 minute nap
went out to pick up Glen from the train station
walked back but June and Alex met us part of the way back
went back to her place, picked up my stuff and headed out
going camping
road trip
stopped at a few places on the way
Free shop! in Engaru
Dinner with a family, the… Simon and gang
Small little kids, so cute
Ended up in Asahikawa
Went to one of Alex’s friends place
He was really chill
then went out drinking at an international bar called The Den
Really small but quite fun
started drinking a whole mess of things
played pool
started hanging with a giant group of japanese girls and we asked each other questions
They worked in some kind of factory that produced weird wooden trinkets
two really cute girls who I talked to a lot, Arisa and Rena
Arisa was very cute, and I was trying to think of a way to somehow score with her, but I had no idea and I was really very drunk at that point
I was so drunk that the end of that night seems like somehow we decided to leave, and June helped me back to Alex’s friends place in a taxi. Glen, Alex and June then went to a ramen shop where Alex’s friend worked and supposedly it was the best ramen ever. I on the other hand dealt with my drunkeness and went to sleep.

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